“Get” Branding

Developing your brand means building
relationship with your potential customers or clients.

Be curious and get clear.

Clarify your brand (for companies, individuals or products),
find your authentic voice, expand how you are seen.
Speak in language that will open your business or career up to opportunities.

What motivates and inspires you?
Who is your target customer or client?
Where do you want your business to be tomorrow?

Level 2:
Brand Worksheets +Coaching

Download our foundation worksheets and begin work on clarifying your brand now. This package includes 2 hours of coaching support to deepen your understanding, and grow your connection with the business you are looking to develop.

Level 3:

We design your program toward your specific needs. This level includes a custom mix of personal and professional development coaching and consulting. Includes the foundation worksheets and the design and building of your foundation marketing materials (A custom plan for you that might include brand identity, stationery design and website development).

  • Self-Help Foundation Worksheets
  • 2 Hours Coaching
  • Self-Help Foundation Worksheets
  • Transformational Coaching Program
  • Foundation Website
  • Brand Identity Elements Package
  • Customized Program For You

Per Client