Specialized coaching in a one-to-one partnership, where we work together toward your agenda. Learn what authenticity means when you develop a deeper connection with it.

Contact today and learn how the partnership in the Co-Active relationship
can change your life.

Professional and Executive

Executives within organizations, small business owners, and business professionals come to co-active coaching in an effort to find clarity, balance, accountability and improved effectiveness in their leadership.


Clarity and connection with your brand through authenticity can extend your success, and support you in reaching your outcomes or goals. Get you and your team clear on your organization’s brand vision, promise and message.

The Co-Active™ Coach works in partnership with their clients – utilizing a set of tools, founded on the co-active model of coaching. We believe that our “clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.”

Henry Kimsey-House & Karen Kimsey-House

Professional & Personal Development in Leadership for Law Enforcement

Leadership • Emotional Intelligence • Job/Life Fulfillment & Purpose


Strengthen Leadership Skills & Quickly See Results

Sharpen your self-awareness. Be present. Listen, identify, encourage the players on your team
and gain team-driven, positive results.


Is your team stuck in the same cycles?

Move from discord and dysfunction to fulfillment, creativity and efficiency.
Lift your team and develop efficiencies that spread throughout your entire organization.

Leverage what you have already, expand your vision, create momentum
…and do this with me standing with you


A quick note about rates. We are all certainly focused on our budgets, on R.O.I. and on our personal realities. What do you value?  I’ve broken rates into different categories (Individual, Executive, and Brand). Within these categories are some considerations for each. During the co-active certification process, my rates have a lower average point than they will after certification is completed. To understand and these rates more completely, and what best fits for your needs, I encourage you to contact me to set-up a time for an informal exploratory discussion.