Dan Weil, CPCC
Dan Weil, CPCC

It began years ago, and became clear to me more recently.

I was in a meeting with a Board of Directors of a small international organization. We were there to discuss the launch of their newly completed website. One person leaned over and genuinely asked me: “So, what is it that we actually do?”

Our chat began, and a few people looking for consenting nods around the table said: “We trust each other.” We needed some clarity around these two issues — both in their mission statement and in some foundation brand definitions.

Together we built a discussion that launched and shaped their meetings over the next two days. The organization sought to find clarity. The team bonds grew stronger, they moved forward with excitement about their possibilities, and they clarified their brand.

During that meeting it became clear to me that much of what I have been doing for the past two decades involved facilitating, coaching and enabling people to move forward both personally and professionally.

I had a little moment of self-acknowledgement and recognized my affinity for calmly coaching individuals and groups to maximize their potential for creativity and for success. I made the commitment to be trained as a Co-Active Coach.

I have been a consultant in the development of effective “new media” communications since 1995. With each client relationship, the conversation about “brand” is always present in the air — either right up front or just dancing in the air around the periphery. It was a natural progression that conversations with clients also began to deepen beyond brand and into the relationship interactions clients have in their professional roles and in their personal lives.

Throughout my experience was this “breath” in the air. This “breath” of coaching activity. There was always a partnership with clients to clarify and focus their conversations — in developing their brand, graphic identity, website, user interfaces, marketing, business development and in new technology solutions.

Take that partnership and professional experience; deepen it utilizing the tools and the model of co-active coaching, and you develop a team and a language that is powerful — direct, clear, concise and easy to take action on.

Most powerfully, whether you are an executive or looking to advance yourself, your career, your team — wherever you are — unpacking and tapping into your vulnerability gives both you and the people you work with access to your leadership in completely engaging ways.

When clients and skilled coaches unlock the creative promise in every individual, previously unrecognized potentials become real. Let’s design an exceptional Co-Active Coaching partnership and experience that deepens your learning, removes hurdles, and unwraps the potential inside you.

Connect with your life, bring your whole self into the game. Be creative, be resourceful, be whole.

This is the short story about how I am here now. What do you want to write next for yourself?

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